Learn To Go With Your Gut – Instinct

Have you  noticed that your gut is your wisdom? I have felt that experience many times, and we all feel it countless times. We are griped by a powerful feeling, a sense of certainty that tells us what to do. Don’t eat that food. Don’t date that guy. Don’t hire that person. Most of the time we don’t listen then disaster strikes.

One big source of wisdom is intuition, we all have it, we just need to nourish our intuition to let it grow so that we can make use of our wisdom to thrive at work and in life.

Intuition is not intellect, I’m not immune to this most time I don’t listen to my gut and I learn in a very hard way. The only way you can develop your instinct is by being meditative – staying physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy.

Intuition / instinct is not an easy thing to develop because you need to get enough sleep for this part to develop. Intuition is about connection and its more powerful than intellect as it’s the act of foreseeing things other people can’t see.

How to develop your gut:

  1. Get lots of sleep. Relax and breathe. Meditate. Sit in a room for about 10 mins without any noise. If 10 mins is too long, start with 5 mins.
  2. Put away the smart phone – it’s not making you smarter, it denies you of your wisdom.
  3. Please start learning to listen to your gut – you will definitely work better and be happier.

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