Show, Not Tell, What You Know

One of the most challenging things is to put what you know to work rather than splitting it out. It’s difficult and challenging to get real info or wisdom that will actually help because people don’t put information to work but just spill it out. I’m glad that I’m writing this blog because it’s very hard for me to take an idea from what someone who is only telling me but not showing.

Evolution is about actions. Actions and challenges brings wisdom and knowledge. Lately, I’ve been trying to move home, the experience has not been pleasant. It’s full of system that is set up to control people.

Showing what we know is very challenging, but that’s where power and wisdom comes from. Showing means I have to go thorough the practise myself, practise and get better with information before transferring it to another person.

So any time you catch yourself wanting to drop some knowledge that you have, take a deep breath and think would I be better saying a word or letting my actions illustrate that knowledge for me.

Thanks for reading. Let me know how its working for you in a world where everyone  tells without showing.

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