Show , Not Tell , What you know

One of the most challenging things is to put what you know to work rather than splitting it out . Its difficult and challenging to get a real info or wisdom that will actually help because ,  people  dont put information to work but just spilling it out . Im glad that im writing  this blog because its very hard for me to take and idea from what some one who is only telling me but not showing .

Evolution is about actions . Actions and challenges brings wisdom and knowledge . Lately ive been trying to move home , the experience has not been pleasant . Its full of system that is set up to control people ..

Showing what we know is very challenging but thats where power and wisdom comes from, Showing means i have to go thorough the practise myself , practise and get better with information before transfer   it to another person .

So any time you catch yourself wanting to drop some knowledge that you have , take a deep breath and think would  i better  saying a word or letting my actions illustrate that knowledge for me .

Thanks for reading . Let me know how is working for you in a world where everyone  tell without showing .



About Victoria Boer

Meet Victoria who has helped hundreds of women & men to shift fat from their abs, hips and butts!
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