Estrogen hormones – Archetype Of Femininity

I wasnt aware if these hormones and its role in women body until i started going deep  into what affects women as we grow older . ive heard  a doctor talking about it but not in depth Estrogen is the hormones that most define you as a woman . In fact estrogen is the primary female sex hormones . The point here is the excessive production of this hormones when  it out of balance  make women depressed and cranky .

Its important to know what these hormones does and how you can keep  yourself vital looking at some women i can see how the excess of these hormones is affecting them

Here is the short versions of what these hormones does .

Externally , estrogen gives you breast and hips . more estrogen also makes you voluptuousness  . Round and robust .

Internal estrogen buffets your mood and keep you co task , in short is a nature prozac it adjust  level of seinrotonin , another important neurotransmitter .When you see men with boobs and big belly , it means they have the high dominance  of estrogen hormones in the body .

Estrogen has to be balance in the body , its directly related to progesteron , ideally you have a rhythm between these two hormones . , it takes two to tango , when they work together , your bones are strong , dense . Your skin is hydrated , smooth and well girded ny collagen .

Your metabolism is forgiving , your cardio vascular system stay clear of plaque . You perform task effortless . Its a very important that needs to be baalnce in the body otherwise you become crank , chnuky , and depressed .

If you feeling cranky and low , talk to your doctor about estrogen and dopamine .



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