Estrogen hormones – Archetype Of Femininity

I wasn’t aware of these hormones and its role in a women’s body until I started going deep into what affects women as we grow older. I’ve heard a doctor talking about it but not in-depth. Estrogen is the hormone that most define you as a woman. In fact estrogen is the primary female sex hormone. The point here is the excessive production of this hormone when it’s out of balance can make women depressed and cranky.

It’s important to know what these hormones do and how you can keep  yourself vital looking, as some women I can see have excess of these hormones and is affecting them.

Here is a short version of what these hormones do:

Externally, estrogen gives you breasts and hips. More estrogen also makes you voluptuousness. Round and robust.

Internally, estrogen buffets your mood and keep you on task, in short it’s nature’s prozac  – it adjusts levels of serotonin, another important neurotransmitter. When you see men with boobs and a big belly, it means they have the high dominance of estrogen hormones in the body.

Estrogen has to balance in the body, it’s directly related to progesterone, ideally you have a rhythm between these two hormones. It takes two to tango; when they work together, your bones are strong, dense. Your skin is hydrated, smooth and well girded by collagen.

Your metabolism is forgiving, your cardio vascular system stay clear of plaque. You perform task effortless. It’s a very important that it needs to be balance in the body otherwise you become cranky, chunky, and depressed.

If you’re feeling cranky and low, talk to your doctor about estrogen and dopamine.

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