Attention Is Love

Attention is a big deal, everywhere we go people will do stupid things to get attention. We all need to be paid attention to, so how do we do that?  In psychology and my deep observation I know that attention is love. When we extend ourselves to other people without ego but with genuine love. We go the extra mile in the face of fear, then we have the courage, That’s love.

The first sign of a genuine love is attention. Love has no ego boundaries. Genuine love is self-replenishing which means we contribute and commit to the spiritual growth of another person. The reason most people don’t succeed in love is their lack of spiritual growth.

Free love is an ideal, but an ideal most people are not capable of. The most common way and important way in which we can exercise our attention / love is by listening. A friend of mine is a business executive who spend roughly an hour of his day reading, two hours talking and eight hours listening. That’s a man of love. No wonder he has becomes very powerful in his position.

The more I extend myself to people, listening, supporting their growth, the more I grow too. The more I pay attention to people, even on the street, the more I see joy on their face. Listening well is a work of an exercise of attention and by necessity hard work. It’s hard work and that’s why most people don’t listen well and don’t love either.

I’ve been working on this for so long a time and is becoming easier to ask questions and listening instead of talking – I’ve even gained more friends.

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