Attention Is Love

Attention is a big deal , every where we go people will do stupid things to get attention , we all need to be paid attention to so how do we do that . In pyscoclogy and my  deep observation i know that attention is love . When  we extend ourselves to other people without  ego but with genuine  love . We go extra mile in the face of fear , then we have the courage , Thats love .

The first sign of a genuine  love is attention . Love has no ego boundaries . Genuine love is self – replenshing which means we contribute and commit to the spiritual growth of another person .  The reason most people dont succeed in love is their lack of spiritual growth ,

Free love is an ideal , but an ideal most people are not capable of . The most common way and important way in which we can exercise our attention / love is by listening . A friend of mine is a busness executive who spend roughly an hour of his day reading , two hours talking and eight hours listening . . Thats a man of love . No wonder he becomes very powerful in his  position .

The more i extend myself to people , listening, supporting their growth , the more i grow too . The more i pay attention  to people , even on the street the more i see joy on their face and listening well is a work of an exercise of attention and by necessity hard work . Its hard work and thats why most people dont listen well  and dont love either .

Ive been working on this for so long time nad is becoming easier to ask question and listening instead of talking , i even gain more friends .



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