How To Stay Positive

Most people think staying positive means you have to think positive but in my way of thinking it’s really wrong. For you to be positive you need healthy body and mind, they all work hand-in-hand. Naturally people with bad habits are negative, I mean people who don’t look after their body. There is something pathetic about people who don’t look after the body, their mind becomes shallow and narrow, and that’s where negativity comes from. Don’t waste your time engaging in good ideas with these people.

Most people actually need a psychiatrist evaluation, we all need it anyway for our wellness. Now I’m going to give you a few tips on staying positive, and it really works.

CHOOSE YOURSELF – It means work on yourself by exercising – no matter what is going on, find a way to exercise even if your doctor told you not to. The reason is exercise will activate your mind and give you energy for better thinking. Every successful person does this and that’s how they face obstacles.

STAY HEALTHY – With diet and sleep. It’s not possible to be productive when you are not getting enough sleep. Forget about Netflix binges and get the habits of going to bed early, you will be a lot happier when you wake up early and ready to face the day.

FIND OPTIMISTIC AND POSITIVE PEOPLE TO TALK TO –  Find someone who is moving forward and energetic to talk to. Someone who reads a lot of personal development books and act on it.

DITCH COMMERCIAL GYM – Find a private set up to work on your strength which will help develop your mind through positive mental habits. You will become more self-reliant and develop ability in yourself.

You will develop a warrior mindset and you can only say to yourself: “I don’t believe in defeat!”

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