Why You Must Eat Carbohydrate – DIET

I rarely hear people talk about stability of a specific diet or how good carbs are for them, most people regard carbohydrate as the enemy. In life one plus one is not always two, we are always evolving in cycles of activities, changing in weather days and so is food. Carbohydrates is a must if you want to survive whatever diet you are on.

A stable diet is one that once you are on it, you can live with it regardless of your location the weather or the season. Personally a stable diet is not just a diet but a way of life, and no carbohydrate means danger to your sleep, to your hormones and your energy levels.

Diet based on chronic carbohydrate depletion will eventually leave you feeling deprived, and in the long run failing. Carbohydrate fuel is critical to our survival providing the following benefits:

BRAIN – This is my thing, if you want your creativity to flow like a river eat your carbs, but in the afternoon before 2pm to balance your dopamine level so that you don’t reach for caffeine after 4 pm. Carbs are also the main source of energy for the brain. An insufficient supply of carbohydrate fuel to the brain may lead to fatigue and depression.

ANTI-AGEING – As I’ve said earlier, carbs play an important role in the supply of energy and it also helps you stay young in more than one way; it plays an important role in nourishing an important metabolic pathway in the liver.

STRESS  BLOCKER –  carbohydrate helps balance cortisol and stress hormones like insulin which is a major cortisol blocker. That’s one of the reasons why people under stress tend to eat carbohydrate rich foods. Without carbs you may not be able to produce enough serotonin. Serotonin is protein neurotransmitter to the brain, essential for feeling calm, relaxed and happy.

My conclusion – without carbs any diet will fail.

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