Why You Must Eat Carbohydrate – DIET

I rarely hear  people talks about stability of a specific diet or how good carbs are for them , most people regard carbohydrate as enemy . In life one plus one is not always too , we are always evolving in cycles of activities , changing  in weather days and so is food , Carbohydrates   is a must if want to survive whatever  diet you are on .

A stable diet is one that once you are on it , you can live with it regardless of your location the weather or the season. Personally a stable diet is not just a diet but a way of life . and no carborhy drate means danger to your sleep , to your hormones and your energy level

Diet based on chronic carbohydrate  deplete will eventually leave you feeling deprive and in the long run fail . Carbohydrate fuel is critical  to our survival providing the following benefits

BRAIN – This is my thing , if you want your creativity to flow like a river eat your    carbs but in the afternoon before 2pm to balance your dopamine level so that you dont reach for caffeine after 4 pm , Carbs are also the main source of energy for the brain . An insufficient of supply of carbohydrate fuel to the brain may lead to fatque and depression  .

ANTI AGIN – As ive said earlier , carbs play an important role in supply of energy and it also help you young in more than one way , it plays an important role in nourishing an important metabolic pathway in the liver .

STRESS  BLOCKER –  Carborhy drate helps balance cortisol and stress hormones like insulin which is a major  cortisol blocker . Thats one of the reason people  under stress tend to eat carbohydrate rich foods . without carbs you may not be able to produce enough serotonin . Serotonin is protein neurotransmitter to the brain , essential for feeling calm , relaxed and happy .

My conclusion – without crabs any diet will fail .




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