Becoming Complete And Fat Loss

Your body is almost always within your control. Have you noticed that most things in life is not within our control. This is rare in life that, job not going well, your boss is a jerk, company having issues? Some idiot making your life difficult? But if you do more than normal push ups, add 5 kg to your deadlift, sprint faster than usual, do heavier squats they all add up and it can still be a great week.

When a new clients comes to my studio they are amazed about how I simplify  everything. Often times people believe they can’t change, anyone can change, A client ask me what’s the fastest way to lose fats to which I responded, improve your strength.

When you improve your strength, you improve your strength and you improve your outer game. If you want to be more confident or effective, rather than relying on easily defeated positive thinking and mental thinking. Learn to run faster, lift more than your peers, and don’t watch the news – seriously don’t!

Another way of becoming complete is to refuse anyone that want to make a decision for you. There are things I have been trying these days for my own journey of completeness by exposing my body to cold ice bath /shower.

I’m not pro cardio or endurance, I’m pro truth! make a list of things that you think you are poor at physically and start to work on them. If you are reading this blog today you will be amazed in three months today your whole outlook on life.

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