12 Things You Should Know About Me

We are going towards the end of the year and many people read my blog from all over the world, Thank you, I need to be more transparent and authentic. So here’s a summary of some weird things I do that comes to mind.

  1. I go through changes all the time. The hardest part is in the eyes of loved ones and sometimes I find it hard to keep up to myself.
  2. I write 10 to 15 ideas daily, most for people to ease their pain. I don’t like advice because we are all different.
  3. I’m good at relationships – I’ve known most of my clients, friends for more than 11 years.
  4. I like to be on my own – Partner don’t like this.
  5. I set up my personal training studio because I want to be in a category and build a community that will really give power and strength back to people.
  6. I live alone because I choose to not because of no one to live with, it makes me more creative and energised.
  7. Structure is important for me and for the people around me, so I work really hard to have a structure in my life. It allows me to contribute to people’s lives no matter what.
  8. I haven’t had sugar in 12 years or bread – no I don’t miss it.
  9. I’m not a good host, I like to cook for them but I expect then to leave. That explains my introverted personality.
  10. Life is tough – I’m aware since I was a kid, you need to be tough on yourself then it will be easier.
  11. I read 3 to 4 books per month and lately I’ve decided to get a doctorate in philosophy.
  12. I’ve maintained the same diet for years and it kind of help.

My favourite is no 3.

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