The Penalty Of A Leadership

Leaderships is huge if  you can take more resposibilty then you become a target for the envious  remember follower destroy , that takes me a loong time to grasp into my thinking  When your work becomes a standard for the world to follow, it also become a target for the envious . Anyway becoming  a leader  has its own penalty which i tend to pay all the time .

Whenever i write or create a video , there are people who their only job  is to criitisize  or belittle but a leader will always carry on . There will always be a mean voices . which in some ways is good because it fuels me nd it should fuels you as well .

A good leader dont bow down to a slaves , a good leader recognise out the conspiration of a negativity but still  carry on no matter what – courage . I was talking to a mother of four the other day and i pointed  out to her she is  the one leading her daughter which  put her in a position of discipline , and descisive.,

The leader is assaulted because he or she is a leader . As a said earlier  the follower tend to depriciate and to destroy . There is nothing new in this .

Another  thing ive realised is many people dont like changing their mind s, but you need to be able to adapt in light of new informations . Many women still believes they need to do cardio or high  fad diet to maintain their weight . I believe we need to keep our strength up to maintain hormone stimulation thet helps with countinous fat loss , And better quality of life .

When you are a leader , you also develop a strong  view  which many people dont do as they grow in life . I still hold my view on the fact that women need to do strength training to avoid fallen apart .


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