Tips To Sleep Well – My Routine

I was talking  to a friend  the other day who during our conversation constantly  mentioned the fact that he is very tired and have not been sleeping we;ll lately , i asked whats your routine and to my suprise  he didnt have any , That was  shock to me thou . No wonder he is always tired .

Most people are too weak or very indiscipline to execute a good idea so if you reading this blog , this tips is gold .

No Alcohol   after  7 pm – This allows your organ to settle down in a good position to detoxify at night .

Get a compress pillow – actually i use very expensive pillow from the white company 0 im not endorsing  them , its just a good one .

No smart phone after 7 pm – I usually turn my phone off or keep it in silent for the rest of the night .

Deep breathing and salt bath –  sometimes doing few exercise like deep breathing will enable you to fall asleep more  easily . If you are over excited and your mind is racing along its difficult to let go to sleep . Through the deep breathing you can get back into your body thereby fall into sleep .

Read a book – Most time i read book on personal development , i try to avoid science  book in the evening  or a fiction anything will take your brain out of thinking .

Sleep in a total dark cold  room – This is a must , invest in a total black out curtain . I recently moved  and that was the first thing i got .  As;o sleep naked .

This routine might be a bit too much but simple easy , just pick one habits at a time and gradually you will sink into the routine .

Your motivation should   be-  sleeping energise you  and  make you a better person .


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