What ive Learned From Obstacles

One of the most important lesson ive laerned from obstacles is things doesnt seems to happens the way we plan but that doesnt mean we should not plan , thgs cannot always be good and cannot always be bad . Its true that someone can impede our actions but they cant impede our atittude and intentions . Personally my intentions is all i have going on for me .

As i said in the beginning things will alawys happen that we never plan for  , For example i caught an infection at my parner swimming pool just trying to learn how to swim . I had already plan for a relax weekend but it turns to be a pain .  I didnt see that coming so i check my attitude and put my action to work in a different way , I wasnt upset

The point of this story is there will always be something when you want to do something , today things will happen that will be contrary to your plan , if not toady , then it could   be tomorrow .Any thing that happens is always a chance for us to practise something else

If someone offends you , its a chance to practise forgiveness .

If computer erase your work , its a chance to start with a clean state .

If your loved ones passed away , its a chance to open your heart t for a second love

If something is hard like the art of strength training its a chance fro you to get stronger .

Try this line of thinking and see if you can turn obstacles to your advantage .


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