Strength Training Progression And Life

A  powerful woman once told me if you want something extra ordnary done , prepare to do it by yourself . the same thing that goes to your muscle goes for your money , if you can multiply your muscle by ten the same ratio goes for every thing you do . You want to focus on building  your strength inside out thats where progressing began .

Its crazy when people tells  me i used to do this or that , Progression is the most important thing in strength training otherwise you are going to burn out like a flies and die . With energy and high moral , you can progress to a very high level in life .

If you can deadlift 60 kg this year it should be multiply by next year , basically you should  better this year than last year not injured and tired . The goal of life is to always  transist from one thing to another , you want to avoid  stagnation at all cost . You want to be better overall next year than these year .

For you to progress in life , create a little empire with ritual and discipline . this could mean  offering to take over a project that others have left undone , or something people thinks is very challenging  , what you are doing is cultivating a taste for doing things yourself this where you start getting creative and progress in life .

Even if you fail along the line , you gain a valuable lesson in the venture the education that became only yours . Remember schools prepare you for a job which is not bad , but taking intuition  prepares you and help you to rise to challenge.

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