What Ive Learned in the Past 12 Months

I keep journals and ive been doing that for years , i write down everyday at the day what im grateful for , the opportunity i see , what i did , what i will do the next day and my appeciation – so keeping journal helps me to keep the track of some hard brutal lessons over the year ,

Looking for a place to live can be a bit dramatic especially when you are black , single  and own a busness its like those three good quality are working against you , It just  makes me understand how shallow minded our society can be .

This year i adopted different kind of bravery . a paradgrim of bravery instead of fear , When facing with exact situation with people i noticed that there will be two emotional reaction to it that are opposite . One will be accessing bravery other will be accessing fear

If you get sick , concentrate on getting better and believe in your treatment .

Good idea rules – im always talking about ideas , the main reason is not to face my fear and dissppointment  but to be smart to solve my problems .

What i really value in life is ownership , we all value different things thats why im creating a little empire because taking on challenges and responsibilty is important for me .

I also learned that most people will rather celebrate your sadness rather than happiness avoid people who are only by your side in moment of sadness to offer consolling words what they are actually saying is they are stronger , wiser ,and they would not have taken that step .

On strength training – do heavy lifting 3 times weekly , then easy cardio or some sprint in between , it keeps your joint and body healthy for life , its primarily life extension .

Open yourself to fresh ideas daily and believe in executing them – to be honest  universe will help you .

Im very proud of my dedication , discipline and achivement  these year even thou its a road long travel but it has taken me to another level . so with this happy birthday to me



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