Vulnerability Is A Virtue

In the western world people has been  trained not to show vulnerabilty  and when you did people want  to take  advantage  or they asked you to go and speak to a therapsit which is actually on the long rum a disaster ,because someone is a therapist doesnt mean they can help you . Thats the fact .

For most people from 35 to 45 years of age – this is the decade of vulnerability , it may also be from age 40 to 50 . it depends on individual . Hormones levels start to fluntuate at this time causing men to lose their  hair and egogenic drive and for women to experince menstrual irregularities and all these will add more to vulunerability .

Being vulnerable  is part of strength   not a weakness at least  in my thinking .

Leveraging Vulnerability – You can show vulnerability and reclaim it back by yourself and you can become  your own queen and king . You must always  have a goal in mind  , as you go along you will stumble , prepare and get up . Ive stumbled a lot in my life but ive follows my own direction because we all have different direction .

Expression – Vulnerability  becomes a problems  when its not expressed . As i mentioned  above about the decade where all of us seems to be in a position of vulnerability , It constantly needs to be expressed otherwise it becomes a  mental health problems and this is one of the reason people  get depressed.

Share your vulnerabilty with people who have confidence in you and themselves . , stay close to people who are not afraid  to be vulnerable like you because they have confidence in themselves and know at some point in life we all stumble .

Be with people when you make a mistake never  says i would have done it differently .

The courage to embrace vulnerabilty  will set you apart from anyone else . I deal with mine by meditate , Hill sprint Strength Training and Sleep .

Read a lot of books  on personal development and belief in yourself , avoid proceesed food because it causes you to be more vulnerable .

Its also critical to exercise three to four times a week , resistance and cardio .

Begin Hartha yoga .

Smile a lot and  says a lot of nice things to people .

Please leave me a note and let me know if this article has helped you in a way .

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