Few Tips To Elliminate Sugar From Your Diet

Most trainers and coaches often tells you what not to do but dont usually explain how to get rid of the problems . Eating sugar is an habits that we are all used to  from childhood age . its extremely difficult not to see sugar around you even if your best intention is to stop the sugar madness . Im also guilty of this because i just realised as a coach i need to own the explanation and help people get through this addiction not just telling .

We all know sugar is evil but in the moment of weakness we tend to fall for sugar . the reason has to do with dopamine  level  the hormones that promotes feeling good . Dopamine is the hormones that keep us alive and vigilant and if we go to sleep too late or sleep deprived , it will be released and this is why we crave sugar.

Do strength base and conditionng exercise – this will release a feel good hormones and your sugar craving will decline . During this type of exercise your body will release  endoprphin which are your body natural morphine , like chemical that booost mood and produce feeling of euphoria and satisfaction .

Sugar  also does the same to the brain like releasing  this endorphin the body natural chemical and this is why we cannot stop at one piece of chocolate  but to  eat the whole bar

Another strategies is to think before you eat -thou occasional use of food to cope with stress wont destroy an otherwise balanced diet but read the fine print before put in your mouth . think nutrient rather than calories . Opt for fruits and nuts instead of biscut  and cookies .

You can also make home made cookies with stevia which is really sweet .



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