What Love Really Is

Most people say the word love but they have no idea what it really meant . even your college professor will get this wrong .Most people crafted  an image in their  head  then call it love , People who love and expected to be love are purely wasting their  time .

Love comes to me in many forms also to you but you have to recognise it , It comes through tears and is the Love that seduces but cannot be seduces .Love transform and it also heals and loving yourself is so important because it benefited other people .

I pour lots of love into my work because thats what is coming  out of me . Im sharing my talent to the world out of love ,Generosity , giving and  receiving  is an act of love . Most people   like to give but dont want to receive which is unbalance and unhealthy .

A loving person will always  undertake risk because his heart is full of love .

One of the greatest goal in life is to love and the rest is silence .And keep  your   heart open even when your heart has been broken . Its better to have love and lost than never to have loved at all ,

And dont give up . Love doesnt .

About Victoria Boer

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