There are countless number of substances that different cultures have come up with that can cause you to be seriously addicted . , to keep on taking the substances despite the negative consequences . I learned a lot about addiction during the time i was studying neuro-science  and my interactions with drug addicts .

Addictions comes in  many form but it all have to do work  the hormones dopamine – anything that raise dopamine level can serve as an addiction even coffee . Other things that also activate dopamine level might cause harm to the body but can actually improve quality of life . Like strength t training , cardio – not execive ,   good food .

Addictive substances are not only  addictive but also causing big tolerance to the body . Dopmaine level is the issue here , the lower the dopmaine level the more addcitive we become . I usually advice my clients to work with their  doctor to block the demise of the dopamine neurons .

We all get hung on on one thing or the other – its better to get addicted to things that will enhance your life , makes you discipline , courageous and productive rather than destructive . . Thou various psycostimulant can decrease stress responses amd makes so numb that you dont even notice that theres been a stressor . The clear line is stress pushes you through more drugs thats why people with low level of dopmanie seems to turn to drugs .

The whole point of this article is to connect to yourself , grow your mind , take care of your body and spend time with good people .

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