My Experience With Meditation And Its Benefit

I could start this article by telling you why you must meditate , but its better to share what ive experienced and why my life has dramatically change since i started to meditate , In meditation i see things clearly  its like other soul talking to me . Meditation is the best idea i can give anyone especially  for creativity . As ive always said you dont rely on other people to solve your problems  even if you pay them to do so .

Meditation  ion is the best idea i can give anyone looking to do greta things in life . Sometimes when i mention meditation , people get defensive . i spoke to a proffessor of mental illness in cambrdige , he explained  to me that because meditation is self realisation people simply dont like it . Its a new skill for the brain and it can be painful .

Meditation is not an escape the way people think .its an proactive practise that can enhance your life . It means to focus on one thing for an extend period of time . This allow your mind to reset itself and stop the vicious cycle of thinking about things that stress you out .

Here are some of the benefits

It increases the growth of new brain cells . it aslo increase your IQ and emotinal intelligence . It improves your mental focus , memory and decision making .

It accelerate weight loss and also help with clear thinking .

My best way is to focus on an object – choose something pleasant and interesting and then examine it in a detail It varies day to day .

The bigger benefuts for me so far is that it has help increase my happiness .

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