Negativity And Productivity

We all have different personality . certain  personality are like steady  slow train always moving steadily others tend to shout like a rocket then die . The world needs both and we can not all be the same then most of us will be un neccesray . A friend once accuse me of being unstable and she was right , The point is stable or regular people rarely achieve anything great .

My time of depression and negativity is when i do a better work , produce better ideas and i dont try to fight it and you shouldnt   as well .Your negativity and depressive moods can be your best asset . When i said negativity im referring to inactivity time ., the time i spent alone on the sofa watching videos or doing nothing that will produce anything .

We all need to be productive to be happy .The time of hibernating and doing nothing is the time for generating highly creative energies . Lately ive been sleeping a lots i usually wake up early around 5.30 am or 6 00 am but ive been  sleeping till 9am which i try to fight then i realised that its my process of non productivity and i should enjoy it .

Its easier to be inspired when you are doing nothing . The reason for non productivity for many people is the fact that they never really take the time to go into the hibernating process to generate a creative energy .

Enjoy your negativity time because it will enhance your productivity so that when you are inspired you will soar like a rocket .

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