My Highlight of 2017 – Lessons That I learned .

Life move very fast and slow , its always good to take good stock of how things are shaping up from trying new wines to watch  an usual movies its all good and bad collections of the year ,Here are the few lessons 2017 taught me .

ON BEAUTY – Get as much sleep as you can , whenever you can . and all the diet advice  in the world will never work untill you remove sugar from from your diet , The rest of the advice is noise until   you stop eating sugar .

ON FAT LOSS – Shorter workout is better for confidence which is the basic of all problems you will look and feel stronger and people will start to treat you differently .

ON TRAINING – Training itself is not the end goal , the goal of training is to enhance the quality of life not to destroy it as some training does . When you train and wind up injured you are not improving your life , you are destroying it .

ON BUSiNESS – Email can be an efficient way to  schedule a conversation , but on the other hand it can be cold and disrespectful for a clients or a friend . Always  set time to talk about a hard conversation rather than e mail .  Growing your mind is more important  than growing  your business .  On the other hand business is not the end of the goal but its a platform to achieve other goals .

MINDSET –  It s never a game changer , the lesson ive learnt t is everything collaborate then the game will change .  I realised i cannot spend all my time talking about  weight and fat loss , i have more to offer people than my fitness knowledge and thats how i shift the conversation from fat loss to my calling . A bigger goals of doing extra ordnary things rather than simple fat loss issue .

This is how my perfect body formula programme is born .

STUDY YOUR OWN FAILURE – A wise man once told me sit down and study how you fail he said everyone wants to blame someone . They  want to blame bad luck or they  had a fight  with husband or wife . But the key is to study your own failures how you have a loosing hand by doing this i get clarity by myself , It takes courage to do that .

ON MONEY – MONEY HAS NO GOD – What work for mr is what is right for me . I like to spend money on what bring me pleasures like  good wine , movies , books and shoes and i spend  money to invest on things that bring me money back . Its that simple for me .

ON IDEAS – Ive been waking up  and writing  ideas for more than 3 years , its difficult to do in the beginning but as time goes on the brain is forced to think then life start to change and you start to see solution to problems .

ON HABITS – Ive picked an unusual  habits this year , i start to watch movie in french or german even thou im not 100 percent fluent in those language anymore as i used to

ON BOOKS 0 Here are the few books that have impacted my character this year

THe road less travel – by M SCOTT PECT –  A book on confronting and solving problem which  is painful

The Daily Stoic –  388 days meditation on wisdom by Ryan Holiday

The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth by Jmaes Altucher . Dont listen to your  financial adviser but read this book

EXTREME OWNERSHIP – A powerful book  about taking responsibilty    Its a great book for all leaders .

50 cent – the 50 law by Robert Green – ive always  been a fan of his work .

MASTERY – by Robert Green – Ive decide to buy more copies and  give it to people around me , In this book you will learn  that mastery is a form of power especially in your skill

TOOL OF THE TITANS – Of course tim ferries . its a great collections on how people solve their  own  problems . Good book for ideas .

TRIBE ON MENTORS  – Tim ferries

NO BS BUSiNESS SUCCESS – Dan  kennedy – very unconventional   approach to business

BIRD BY BIRDs – little book about finishing a project .

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck by Mark manson – I think everyone should read this book , it will free you from conventional structure .

MOVIES – Fences – play by denzel washington and viola davis This movies for me is one the best play movie ever seen ,

Here you have it . pleases share with me what lesson youve learned this year either good or bad , Its all lesson .




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