Anxiety Is Part Of Life

Anxiety is part of life . There is nothing wrong with anxiety its part of our up bringing  and conditions to want and receive something   very fast or to want to drive away what is causing our fear anxiety in unavoidable and to want to avoid is will be causing more stress in our life .

Mostly  in our attempt to drive anxiety  away , we do things that makes us even more anxious like overtraining , over eating and drugs . I have a friends which  i observed very well , whenever she is waiting for something she became aggressive with friends and family , co workers , taxi man  basically anyone that crosses her way in her moment of waiting .

Some  people lay on their head on the pillow and cannot sleep , most people eat badly as i said earlier , anxiety is part of life , never let it control you . If it comes closer to you , relax  take a deep breath  it helps s instantly .

Another way to get less anxious is to establish a relationship with  your own reality . Take very good care of your body because the body affects the mind . Dont be too cautious about taking risk because excessive cautious destroy the soul and the heart because living is an act of courage , .

That way you will keep anxiety at a distance .

Thanks for reading

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