Fat Loss Is Not A Life Style Choice – Its A Battle

One of the biggest reason people remain  fat and weak is the fact that they  havent realised that stay in shape is a battle . ant the ones To be  that get it are doing in a stupid way especially in  a western world where training is purely based on average . I used to have a coach who hates average . Most people choose averages because they dont know any better .

I know we all cant be a warrior but you can be  a warrior for your life . I came from a background where medium is mediocre . Staying in shape will provide you a suppot  for your growth not holding you back , It s amazing how every area of your life will also get better

You have to be constantly adaptable and adjusting your life style , you will build the momentum and discipline in other areas of  your life . Once you master your weight you master every other thing in life , Its not about dieting , what ever works for you works for you .Its battle you have fight on your own and your body is different from someone else because we all have different bio mechanics .

Running  or slow jogging will not help you to keep the fat off , it might help you in the beginning because everything works for so long but doing everything at once will destroy you so is slow jogging for fat loss . To be great you have to focus on very few things like clean food , improving bad habits . Just those two thing you will notice changes in your life and keeping fat off will easier .

Thanks for reading .

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