The Issue Of Consistency

It has taking me a very long time living in the western world to realised why consistency is big problem , part of it is ability to delay gratification and also the willingness to show the world who you are . Being authentic is the road path to consistency . Im my life of work , when clients bring their  authentic self to training , they achieve  more and get better on time .

Authenticity  bring consistence in everything you do , for example if you are negotiating , always be honest , say what you want and why . Negotiation equals authenticity . Without authenticity you lose and you end up going no where .In so many ways prosperity  and consistency goes together .

When you are consistence it brings out other qualities in your life . the qualities of endurance , self respect, determination , discipline , love , compassion , generosity , joy , courage . The more consistent you are , the more you sharpen these qualities . Bring your real self without discount yourself will help you to achieve your vision ,

Keep re0inventing and choose your self .

About Victoria Boer

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