Constipation Is The Root Of All Evil –

Most people are constipated because they have distruption  in meal in timing and this  is where the physiology  is affected . , if you stop eating regularly , you will get constipated If we want to live heathy and avoid sickness , our intestines , kidney and liver needs to be clean as much as possible . If we dont poo , the shit will backed up into our bodies untill it touches our heart and brain .

Having a regular  bowel movement is very vital because it affects the brain . i know that bowel activities has to do with the indication of circadian   sometimes i found it difficult to listen to someone who dont shit regularly . Im not trying to be prejudice but i know that people are more happier when they have better bowel movement .

To avoid constipation – You must organise  your daily life include regular meal timing and exercise . Have a healthy breakfast , lunch before 2 pm and dinner not later than 7,30 pm

Your physiology  will work better , Travelling can distrupt internal / normal meal schedules and this is where you packed your snacks like nuts and fruits that contains loads of fibber to support your physiology  .

When your physiology is working properly , you have  a different perceptive of the world . Your physiology  actually affects the way you see yourself . when your body is down then you see yourself down and regular bowel can improve your physiology .


Gert more fiber ,  regular  timing meals and regular  exercise . you can transform your body in 6 weeks from



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