Warrior Diet Will Makes You Smart And Beautiful

No one consumes consume cookies ,milk , sugar , pasta and remain healthy not to talk about looking beautiful its impossible  . Your body is the temple  and your behaviour towards   food is the prayer . . if you lack ability to consume clean  food , you are abusing your body and thats the primary reason for fasting . To elliminate toxic and poison from the body .

This bring me to warrior diet , if you remember  the history of the romans empire , they were strong tough people . They were notorious for their   bravery because of their diet they did not consume food that will make them sluggish  and easy to manipulate or to kill now you  see why many people get stressed over a simple stuff .

You might say to yourself that you are not a warrior but you are if you are a parent providing for the young ones , you need warrior mentality to cope with  the demand  of work and family other wise other people will eat you alive .emulating the way warriors eat in the ancients days will help you to switch to your biological power , high energy and mental focus .

It will also help you feel good most times to attract what you want . to attract better people clean  people and people with great energy that will matches yours .

The warrior diets are fresh foods like fish not farmed sweet potatoes for fuel , good carbs that serves as stress blockers  good carbohydrate   also support critical brain function

Eating clean food like grass fed meat twice weekly . brown rice , fresh vegetables . natural  fruits like apples , figs , oats nothing pre- pack is all in the category of a warrior diet . so that you can be smart , happier and beautiful . Most people think happiness comes from the brain but it comes from the gut . – thats your food .



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