People need Certainty and Variety

Every one needs to know whether they will be okay or not if they fall sick , also need to know where their next meal will be coming from also need to know that their children will be safe . . We crave stability  , certainty  . you see all these are not bad to some degree but we also need variety .  Personally i get bored very quick and i dont like the same routine , the same people  same conversation so i like to demolish routine and make it interesting

We all want  alternative  energy in life . no one like the same thing so we need to keep on learning something new , say something interesting .

Most of the stability  is also a lie – you have to find stability inside yourself first , this is why most people suffer . For me its stable to have severals way of making money , to be resourseful  to add value to people and to have ideas daily and life  will be unstable if i dont

To invest daily in my brain instead  if filling it with anxiety  and fear . .when you become fearless then you can be free and stable .

This bring me to variety – any relationship  will die if you keep on doing the same routine even  marriage will die if you stick to the same thing year in year out . Aj ob will become boring  . people will become boring if you talk the same thing all the time .

The key is to keep on re- inventing and evolve . Always look for a new way to break out of comfort zone . keep on challenging yourself and spicy up some variety in your life .

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