The Expressive Exercise And Clean spirit

In my thinking expressive exercise is for everyone . most people dont express themselves  enough and most people not at all . When the esteem is low self expression becomes a problem . Inhibiting the expression of feelings often led to loss of feelings and the loss of feelings is a love of aliveness . Feelings are the life of body and without  expression , the body dies .  Most people are choke with their  feelings at work and home and they take it out on over exercising , drugs and bad habits .

I personally if i dont express  i feel congested but i usually  do . we have different ways of expressing ourselves even as  im writting this its a way of expression . Children suppress most of their feelings in order to adapt to their  home situations and when they grow up they lack self expressions .

The same thing applies to adult when they find frustration  and disappointment  in their lifes intolerable , they often take this anger upon their children or partners .This is the reason we need to discharge this feelings in a positive way either by therapy or through bio energetic exercise to make our behaviour become more reasonable ..

Every time you restrict a feelings you are restricting the motility of your body . Your spirit needs to be clean  in order to be alive . one of the best exercise for expression is kicking .

KICKING – You can lie on a bed – kick the bed with each leg . keep your leg fairly straight while doing these exercise . Try to make the movement comes from the hips rather than the knee .  Do this for about 2 to 3 mins daily you will see start to see the different in your expression ability .

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