Why Arguments Occur And How To Resolve It

Resolving conflicts is a big deal either  in a bedroom or boardroom . first  we need to understand why arguments occur  Argument are caused by two people or two countries  racing to occupy the victim position in the relationship .And arguments  is one of the most common way of bringing ourself down. most arguments are also based on the fact that no one wants to accept responsibility  This happens a lot with a logical mind people they want to find the means to an end .

Intelligent people seems to accept responsibility  fast and move on . I come from a background that allows me to take full responsibilty   of my actions ,if i play and lose its my responsibilty  and these really develop me in a way that i find it easier  not to argue

I also discovered that arguments  is an upper limit symptoms and if you can see beyond them then you make a breakthrough . ive been learning and applying these for a very long time .  There are two ways to resolve  conflicts , you need to get out of a victim position and take 100 percent responsibilty  . If two people are involved , That will be 200 percent responsibililty  to share but thinking that one one person will share the 100 percent is a massive error in thinking .

Generally people dont always like to accept responsibllity because they feel like a loser but if you think deep enough thats not actually true , it doesnt make you a loser but a winner on the long run .If both people claim 100 percent responsibility there is a possibility  of ending the conflicts .

Nobody in the right frame of mind will accept the 100 percent responsibility . this methods very well and always strike to taken share of responsibility   whenever there is a conflicts



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