The First Rule Of Communicating

We all love people that can express clearly  and motivate us , this is one of the reason people love jesus christ because he was a great communicator who emerge from the bible  and to be honest people who communicate  well tend to get what they want and the reason is because they are well understood .

When we communicate we assume that the fist rule is to communicate  to be understood but its not . The first  rule is to communicate so that you cannot be mis-understood . it took me a long learning  time to get this i have to keep on replaying  in my head very time  in my daily interaction with people .

The other thing is not to be lazy in language . and clarity place importance in dealing with people, analysing busness relationship . Ive learnt that when im not clear people mis understood and result in conflicts .People are also too overwhelmed with so much information that they dont really needs so its important  to make your self really clear and simplify .

Clarity always inspire faith, because youve been understood and this makes things go well in life and relationship . Always make yourself clearer and people will think you are an expert .



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