Confidence Is Not Arrogance

A confidence person always  take personal responsibilty they dont shift blames on other people and to be sure they are people  out there who made to believe   that  too much passion or big dreams or even success are mark of arrogance . Success seems to annoy the hell out of them . Naturally im a confidence person but not arrogance , people seems to confuse this a lot so immediately they take me for stick up .

Most people are also operated from dependence arrogance  especially  in the commercial l gym , no skill , no talent , just muscle .No one likes an arrogance person so believing  in yourself is very important but it has to be specific . confidence needs to be based on tangible facts and solutions , inner talents , things you can build upon , potentials , actions and the directions ion which you are determines to head

The whole point is to determine what you want  to do with your confidence , for me i share it with people around me to boost their confidence also to the competitors . Doing well in life require confidence and your own self belief which build inner confidence . You need to feed that inner confidence and sometimes im too confident for most people and i cannot help it . .

Real arrogance of course called social arrogance is thinking you are better than other people in general , confidence has nothing to do  with your worth as a human being or comparison   of yourself to others . Confidence is internal .

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