Thriving In Yourself And Fit Body Into 40 Year And Beyond

As i gotten older i realised the important of thriving in myself  before i can thrive among others  this ability , my physical self is very crucial to my well being and mental health A tough mental state follow by a well conditioned  physical body . This even take a precedence over a spiritual quest  without the body , nothing can be achieved .

Most people asked me how i stay in shape , even most personal  trainers dont understand this concept . I had to learn  new skills for my new life . I dont want to spend all my time in the gym exercising , ive been experimenting and learning  short workout for about four years  and the result is amazing , I only spend 30 to 40 mins training g myself or clients   so i can spend time  with family and friends .

Most of the people that used in shape are out of shape especially men because  of other priority like family  , work , business  , relationships .

For me its important to be in shape and stay that way and i cannot be cheap on my self so short workout allows me to be consistent t without sacrificing my body .The more i thrive in myself , the more i passed it on to other people .

Men that does lots of cardio are going to sacrifice their time and energy they need to thrive with their family even worse . Even most personal trainers get burn out as they get older because they ve not learn how to thrive in themselves with a short consistency workout .

To be put simply , the foundation of a successful life is being physically fit . and through shot exercise and a good diet , a sharp mental state will follow .

Here is my link  if you are interested in thriving in your 40s and beyond .

Thanks for reading .

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