Set The Bar High

Setting the bar high will always put your energy and time in a rewarding state . This has nothing to do with arrogance but competence , the world tend to reward a competence person and thats the fact most people find difficult to embrace . For me having my personal training studio in west london is exactly as i plan and where i want to make my name .

I was not ready to go low and compromise my standard . My area was the busness , people who want  to look and feel their best all the time . People who values their health , life and good family .Also setting the bar high  for me is an expression of getting better with my skills , knowledge and good physical body that serves me extremely   well .

I love  to see people looking good , seriously  . i just  love it . . probably that comes from one of my attributes a giver . A giver set the bar high and they want you to  come up .

When i decided to have my own personal training studio , i know that i would not embrace average , My studio is a perfect location not so far away from where i used to work in a commercial gym . I wasnnt thinking about the obstacles or the challenges i was only focusing on raising the bar high .

The programmed we do in my studio is well balanced based on movement pattern – they will not create an imbalance or injury . In fact  i take an account of the usual imbalance  that affect the people when they join the gym ant thats one of the reason every clients s that comes to the studio experiencing  a high quality of progress .

I laso learn the new advance way of making people beautiful through bio energetic exercise and and for clients to learn to fire their  glutes muscles which is the foundation of good heath and beauty . Once again , i was creating my own standard and setting the bar high .

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