Few Ways To Be Authentic

Everything magic is challenging , even writing   this blog . so to be authentic you need to work hard im a kind of a person that seek stress , deliberatly to bring other people into it which its so challenging because most people brain are wired for easy . Its not easy  to be authentic , and the challenge is being authentic is soo hard that you require courage and a little bit of money then the challenge of being authentic will go down .

When we choose to be true to ourselves , the people around us will make no sense of how we are changing , partners and children might feel fearful and unsure about the changes they are seen , even in business like being a coach that demand high level of inspiration getting people to their best .

Though i dont want my being authentic to be perceived as a narcissist , it helps  to care about people around me and see the authentic in them . hopefully im making sense . Sacrificing who we are for the sake of what other people think just isnt worth it

Authenticity demands whole heartedly  living and loving even when its hard .even when we are wrestling  with shame and fear of not being good enough .

Get inspired – im always inspired by people who shares their work and creativity to the world . I also like to improve my authenticity through my work and like to  encourage  others to be brave with their  life as well  .

Get going – even when im deep trouble i  make being  authentic mu number one . If the goal is authenticity and they dont like me . im okay . The most important is i get going by making authenticity my priority .


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