How To Negotiate in An Unconventional Way

The last thing anyone want to do to get me on their side is to threaten their way or manipulate , If you want people on your side , you need to negotiate on a long term win and its better to be determined to enter only into agreement that pressure long term very good relations . I didnt learn how to negotiate in school but my tennis skill kind of help me in understanding win and lose .

The first thing is be prepared  to walk away from the deal if your long term needs is not going to be satisfied .

Bring your authentic self to a negotiation will help you on a long term . you need to protect what you  have and ask for what you want .  Dont be afraid and dont get attached to the outcome if its not going to satisfy both party , prepared to walk away .

Anything is negotiable – everything is set by someone and it can always be negotiate – you only needs to be discipline and stick   to what  you want  but also be flexible . Life is an extended negotiation – when you begin  to look at life as a long extension negotiation process , you will find that almost every situation contain element that can can be negotiate to improve the terms and conditions for yourself and others .

Dont be intimidated by the written prices , either on signs or in letters and in contract Always assume its written in pencils  it can be erazed .  Whatever some one written is not the final , it can be negotiate .

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