What Constitute Feeling Good .

Feeling good has nothing to with an object or something making you feeling good . Most people are out of touch with how they feel that when they get ouf bed they think they feel good or when they are not sick . Below is how to measure your feelings . For mw working constantly on personal growth makes me feel good . Hermes hat of course – just kidding

If you have an ideal blood pressure – you feel good

If you are not constipated – you feel good

If you can handle stress well – you feel good

If you have mental clarity and focus – you feel good

If you have optimal health – you feel good

If you are a good listener – you feel good

If you work at home on your weakness – you feel good

If you drink plenty of water according to Warren Buffet – you feel good

Remember  we all have pain and ability to go through the pain and the discomfort makes us even feel good .

Thats why you must seek joy first  and develop your character with self discipline and persistence then you will feel good .

Thanks for reading and let me know if you need an hear .



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