You Need To Think Your Way Fit

Every individual has a resources to be in shape or have more natural energy , but most people never  tap into this and they become the prisoner of their own body , Their  body hold them to ransom . Im not just talking about those who are obese or out of shape but relatively the advance traines , the one with years  of training experience ., whose body has not changed much – You see this a lot in a commercial gym .

The power to change your body comes from your thought – your mind ,it has nothing to with having a great trainer or a workout partner . The resource i was talking about is your mind . The psychological aspect of fitness will also help you to become a better person in life .

Some early clients when i worked in the commercial gym find my approach very challenging because of because i refuse to participate in not thinking approach to training,because working out is physical activities  so most people think when they enter a gym its okay to switch  their  mind off ,this is a dangerous thinking that doesnt reward  any positive habits in real life .

Thy gym seems to be a place where  people stop applying  mental effort , they just  want to get in and get out . They are like robots .Ive spent time and energy investing in educating the / clients  people around  me that it doesnt t work this way for long term purpose . Fitness is not a way to switch the mind off but to grow the mind .

To be successful in developing the body you want , you need to be a thinker . seriously  it doesnt  work any other way and moreover you avoid being burn out and looking fatigue and worsen your body and physical energy . Most people prefer not to think and thats the reason their body remain the same .

You wont get the result you want if you dont think about the exercise you are doing , if you begin to think of ways to achieve   the body you want , the energy you want , you will come up with the answers . And is the psychological  aspects of fitness that fails the population that want to live a healthier life .

Thanks for reading . Please join me in shaping the way we approach our life and the people around us .

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