Regression And Progression – An Heroic Atitude Of Life

Regression and progreesion is part of life and no one can escape this . Sadly the economics and the commercials marketers are always telling you to go more rather than to regress to move forward . For example people like to do intensive exercise but they hardly think about intensive recovery . Also people like to work , but they never think about how they are going to play . For you to go  further  you need to step backward otherwise  you will going in motion .

We need to be aware  of regression to progress , conscious  planning it . The character  of an individual and his fate are determined by all his experiences  and this have some pyschlogical effects on his or her relations to the heroic attitude of life ..  I use this concept a lot in developing my clients  training programm its called periodization .

Periodization is the period where you can return the base , As an athlete i recognised  and develop this in my daily habits / routine . . When i talked about regression to people they usually say they dont have time , its like saying death is not going to happen . In physcoaalytic  thinking its called the fear of life . My approach to this thinking is to break through the unconscious resistance .

To breath deeply  so that the suppressed feelings become charge and you will have the patience to adapt to changes in regression .  The best way to incoporate all these is to practise awareness .and from a foundamental stand point we must be know that regression also means  progression .

Like a jet engine, we move forward in life by thrusting backward . , backward move provide the energy for the leap forward . Regression and progression go on side by side

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