Vitality And Creativity

To be honest i dont usually see big deal in creativity , im just extremely spontanues  without over thinking  , once i started to over think    and planning   then nothing  get done , If you want to jump by instinct  , then people start to tell you to be careful this is where you lose your initial creativity and the ability to do it well .

Love is also creativity which brings vitality , you cant be fatique and be creative its impossible . Love can only comes to you in solitude and this brings vitality and creativity hope im making sense . Most artist that get hook on drugs look for solitude for their creativity . I just like to be in the wood , run and do yoga .   .

Vitality and creativity are married , you cannot separate them , An artist must be alone its not about being lonely its about vitality . Empty your bowels daily also increase vitality which enhance creativity and fuel your passion . Vitality is extremely important t because people get tired of the same old , same old .

We all face the reality of fatique it happens in marketing , busness , relationship . people get tired – pretty quickly  of the same old – I do  Lack of creativity can be a dangerous game of diminishing return . The whole point of this message is for you to invest in your vitality means investing in your health .

One of the main reason  i write this blog weekly is to sharpen  my mind , ideas and creativity . The more you invest in your health the more vital and vibrant you become

Thanks for reading .

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