What Sports Taught Me About Life And Business

Playing sports on a higher level is like living in a space  its a whole different thinking but what ive found out lately is developing  a skill at early age does some thing  to your brain and the way of thinking . The number one great lesson i learnt  from sports it to be an extremely long thinker .There is no other way around  it and you are going to fail a lot before you actually achieved   anything  Its a nn invaluable skill and not trainable .

The ability to see obstacle as a challenge , boundless energy , optimism  , plenty of self confidence , a chronic hunger for success , self discipline  and capacity for hard work and finally a state of mind that regards each obstacle  as a challenge . I think on a personal term thats why i dont see big deal in a lot of things .

Growth –  At some point people think having a business  has to do with a busness degree , i would rather have a degree in economics and human phsycology  . Business  degree has its own merit but i think we need to grow with business ..

Lately  i became a fan of ELON MUSK  . He is an extreme long thinker , like jeff Bezos and Larry Page . These three guys are shaping our world in a different way and they are disciplined so i became a fan . I love discipline  people because they make our life easier which bring me to another great quality i learnt from sports .

Self Discipline  – Is the most important personal quality for assurance long term success i sometimes or many time stay at home and do nothing – its the best thing long term for my business . i needs to sacrifice which is the price i pay for security in the long term .

Delaying instant gratification – It takes time to grow or build a business  , you need practise , you will probably lose money even friends but dont veer give up for what is important to you .


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