How Not To Lose Your Way With Your Body — CATABOLIC

A friend of mine is a pastor , a very brilliant intelligent one , during one of our discussion i told him that if we lose our way with our body we are also losing our way with God I made my point by saying that god live in us and spiritually we cannot fully develop  if we have a sick  body , that everything is connected . Im always looking at things from inside not outside and everything from inside affect outside .

Any way he agrees with me even thou he considered me to be a little bit unstable . Thank god he is not a fat pastor otherwise he will never understand what im talking about .  My whole point is Catabolic .

CATABOLIC – A  scientific term for the state your body goes into when you dont fuel it or when you fuel it with processed food . When you dont fuel it for couples of hours your body start to break down hard earned  muscle tissue , Being catabolic is detrimental to your body , physique and mental health .  You want to avoid being catabolic at all cost ,

One of my clients is a judge , he explained to me that during all the sessions  in court t thats when his body goes into catabolic position because of the long hours of sitting , we find a way to nourish his body with protein  in the morning then some mid snacks  of nuts and water during break to keep his body out of danger .

Its your responsbility  to always find a way to put your body in a anabolic position , the opposite of catabolic . When all these is good then you will do a better job as a human being and become successful in life . Remember  cataboilc is the devil .

You must constantly carry food with you like nuts , fruits and water , this will put your body in a good position and please dont skip meal .

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