We  all make excuses , but when i dont make excuses it gives me direction for today and increase my potential for tomorrow .I always make excuses when i domt want to do things or when i m not interested , as  i started to study phillosophy  i realised that certain  excuses could  be deadly if i dont change .

We all make excuses to justify our actions , but its possible to curb our arrogance , to overcome pleasure and pain – to rise above ambition . There should be no excuses in caring for other people  , not to be angry with stupid and ungrateful people but even  care for them .

Its not an easy  things to do but you can worked at it the way i do. We dont come out of our parents womb incapable of ego or immune to temptation . Anyone can get better , if i could get better , not that easy but it can be done .

The only way i stopped making excuses is i make it a priority . soling it as i will solve any other problem . to dedicating myself to finding  a solution and making incremental progress . As i explained earlier  , not that easy but can be done .


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