Re- invention Is The Only Way Forward

I will tell you one of the reason i love talking to kids , its because they reinvent themselves all the time  they are very creative . Most adult have become stupid so i dont do so well with them .Everything  is tough and life is hard . It doesnt matter either we have a good life or bad life , it depends on the side you want to spend the rest of your life . The only way is to keep re inventing your self yearly or monthly if  you have the drive .

The world  is changing quickly Few years ago we didnt have smart phones and now every thing  is transparent , everything is quick which actually make people more impatience and angry . Here are the few ways that i have learned to keep on reinventing myself .

Habits and freedom – I improve this daily and it compounds into months . Also my competence . So re- invention occurs daily . The ways i look at it its not something you wake up say today  is a re-invention day

Taking action – I dont like doing so many things , if i know i have to or choose 5 things in a day , i make sure no matter what i get it done . .

Improving Relationships –   This is the most important thing in life , finding friends who build you up and challenge you not a drinking  buddy , or someone you workout with but someone who is motivating to go forward ,

Habits –  someone said to me the other day that we are the habits of five things we do , the things you eat , the ideas you have , the content you consume , the people you talk to .

Ive been through many failures imaginable and ive applied  all these technique  to my own life ,  They work but it also require focus and discipline .

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