How To Develop Intuition

Here are some simple practical ways to develop an intuition , to listen to your guts and making a better decision . Persoally , every time i ignore my gut instinct then i tun into suffering . There will always be suffering but notice your reaction and dont be a slave to it

Intuition takes time and experience to develop its not a short time thing but more of awareness and conscious thinking . It comes to you like a sharp in your stomach and you just knew – thats your intuition , the third voice telling you wehn something will not be right for you .

Take time to understand yourself – Dont pass responsibilty of yourself to another person , you cannot pay for this and you cannot exercise it out . You can learn  to be more intuitive by listen to your inner voice more by being queit for 10 mins  daily .  You will always find answer in quite .

Empty your bowel daily – You cannot be constipated and think clearly , its impossible . Your gut has to be clean because of the emotions involved .Whenever you sit down to meditate or on your own , write your thoughts down then gradually you start to develop your intuition , You also become more compassionate  to yourself .   .

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