How I make My Brain Sharper .

Im obsessed  about the brain , if you hang around me you will know that my main concerned is how people think . Im always looking for a way to make my brain bigger and sharper thats why i learnt  how to play golf , and also easy to talk to with a big sense of humor – im most happy or depressed but never in between , I never like to use drugs or sugar to enhance my brain so i look for a better , healthier  way , Here are my things  that will improve your brain to the next level .

The brain is a tool , life is hard . Life needs heath , money , and love to survive . The brain is a tool that need to be sharpen on a steel .

GOOD QUALITY FOOD – This is my number one brain food and tools . no matter how  tired im , once i nourish my self im alert and ready to take actions . Cheap  food make your brain foggy and  this leads to lack of creativity and wrong decision . It all happens in the brain

READ BOOKS – Books broaden your mind and give you a new perspective , Right now im reading Supemensch by Shep Gordon . and DECISIVE -how to make a better decisions

REST WHEN YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO – Its insane when you think you always  think you have things to do . Its a westerner disease . . Sometimes i just sit down there and this has nothing to do with  either you have kids or not , its simply discipline .

Its great to just rest and be happy .and not move when you dont  have to Those doors will be open eventually . In my world helping people around me make me happy and i cannot do that when my brain is fatique .

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