Few Ways To Think Smart

Thinking is not what many people like to do . i didnt really know so much about this until i started looking  into neuroscience . Trace back to my childhood , I didnt broad about my life as kid , Thats not how im . We didnt have a computer games . No TV and  telephone For one thing spending all the time alone by myself meant that i learnt how to be alone and saharpen  my imagination and thinking ability . Probably thats why i do so much thinking

I never knew that my ability to sit alone for hours thinking , visualising will play a huge role in my success as an adult . I love people but i  mostly prefer to sit alone for hours , so now lets go to few ways to be a smart ass .

TAKE A RISK –  Do you know that Jesus christ was a risk taker , and more critically he sacrificed  himself for the sake of others and we love him for that . So people always love a risk  taker because it clear  a way for them . I mean think about it  . A God who didnt really suffer on the cross would be like a magician who performed an illusion . The bottom line is once you take a risk , your rain start to think smart .

BE CONFIDENT – Be confident in your ability to make a decision  will make you smart , its like playing chess or figuring  out how to ride a bike , the more you do it the more easier it become .  Hang  around smart people , i mean people who figure things out , happy people e who enjoy ing process .

NEW SKILL – Pick up a new skill  – by learning a new skill , the brain will work in a different direction . Find people who have succeded in taking risk , personally im a fan of Elon Musk  , Larry Page , and Jeff Bezos .  Thees three people i looked up to and emulate their  thinking  ability  .

FOOD – This is the huge part – the quality of your food will impact  the quality of your brain . Bad food decrease intelligence , the  more hungry you are the less your intelligence function .

And thank you , thank you for reading .




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