Food Is The Core Of Life

In my own thinking you cannot go cheap with food , the benefits of quality food is huge .A neuro-scientist  doctor once told  me that most patients  recover faster because of the quality of their food . With food you need to always think about the end result not immediate gratification  . Before putting anything in your mouth , think about how its going to affect you few hours later . Thats the end result .

The quality of food also determine the quality of your detoxification . Your daily ellimination   is more important for your life . Im always thankful for the miracle of food , food culture . Ive given it a lot of thought  and realised that food isnt just food – food is an art , food is a way to have a social life .

Music is a luxury which is important for the soul , food is the core of life . Its more than something you just  shove into your mouth , good makes you happy , live longer , less annoying and have a sound mind . and thats something most of us has forgotten .

If you go to italy , france , and some other cultures , good food is integrated to their daily life and to me thats awesome .

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