Too Cheap On Yourself Cost You Happiness

Most people are too cheap on themselves this cost them a life time happiness . and i can see how this affect overall happiness . Im not always sure its about the money , its always poor up bringing about the money . If you cannot invest money in yourself , you cannot inest it in another person . Most people like to get but they dont like to give or when they give , they expect to get more than they give .

Since we are always influence  by feelings not reasons , the creative faculty of the mind is set into actions entirely by emotions and not by cold reason according to Napoleon Hill so why would  anyone  want to waste this resources by not investing in themselves rather by being cheap . It has taken me a long time and several mistake  to understand this fact about the subject of happiness .

If you dont invest in your body every other thing you have will go away . Your brian , your mind and if you are not careful your spouse , It usually  begin with an argument .Most men are too fat , too tight in the ass . inflexible and thats why most people are not sexually alive because they need  to be turn on .

Swinging  the hips is a very good exercise that can turn your sexuality alive – and while you are doing this try to keep breathing with the movement .

This is also why many people die of stress at an early age . not literally dead and put on the ground but lost  touch with life . . And when you are happy , it can motivate you to work harder , longer , smarter and effective .

About Victoria Boer

Meet Victoria who has helped hundreds of women & men to shift fat from their abs, hips and butts!
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