Be Like A Wolf Not A Dog

Wolves has been trained to survive – getting from point A to B requires some certain  types of risk. I’m a risk taker because it’s in my nature, so I attract most non-risk takers; it’s not that simple and it has taken me years of failure to work this out. Even as of today non-risk taker will do everything to convince me that taking a risk will kill me, but I don’t usually listen so I take the risk then I serve the penalties.

Taking risk means being alive, and in every difficult situation there is always room to manoeuvre. Being like a wolf means you learn to handle and face adversity by cultivating yourself, the biggest questions to always ask yourself is: ‘not what you have, but what you are afraid  to lose?’ To be honest I don’t like to share things or ideas with people who don’t take risk because thy will be bringing their own limitation to the party.

Being a woman does not make things easier sometimes. The more you have to lose, the more fragile you are. Fear has always been enemy of men, to start something new; a new business, new adventure a new challenge. Fear has a way of standing in the way that’s why many people remain in the same place for a long time or for too long.

People who run into stress get more reward in life than people who run away from it. I’m not perfect, I’m just learning and sticking to taking risks no matter what my odds are.

A book I’m reading at the moment by TALEB – talks about how English manners were imposed on the middle-classes as a way of domesticating them. Instilling in them fear of breaking rules and violating social  norms. How crazy is that?!?

The bottom line is no one wants you to take a risk but you’ve got to do it to be alive.

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