Learn To Rely On Your Instinct

This is actually easy to say than to execute. Most of the time your instinct will tell you what to do but we usually ignore this, I think it has to do with not trusting your ability to make a decision. I’m not saying don’t get opinions from other smart people, because that too will be unwise but add that opinion to your own thinking and make a decision based on your gut. Then you can own the outcome.

Definitely you are going to make mistake and the outcome will not always be successful most of the time, and you will learn from it. That’s how you grow to listen to your instinct; if you actually listen you will hear your instinct telling you what to do. Action takers are instinct oriented, the courage to make and rely on your own decision is vital to your performance in life and work.

If you trust your instinct you will always be confident in your own ability and that’s how you grow and succeed in life. Most people spend time analysing  what could go wrong and what could go right. It’s this kind of thinking that limits and chokes you till you lose your inner instinct, and that’s what normally happens to people who don’t trust their own instinct.

You don’t have to think either your decision will come through, because they always do. That’s how I want you to envision instinct.

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