Real Gym Does Not Look Like Real Gym

People are impressed with expensive equipment  and a very good looking gym rat which is not a problem because without the look or my look i wont sell a thing to anyone . Well may be we can argue its my attitude . The education provides a lot of learning  but missing something essential about true learning . . Where you can actually be in shape of your life is not that complicated .

I also need you to be aware that many problems of society come from people who sell complicated solutions . because thats there position and training invite them to do . I mean  everyone wants to make profits one way or the other . For example , you pay a lot of money to join the gym , for the benefits of the real estate developer and the profits of the management . It has nothing to do with your real problem to be solved .

People who are into strength training , those who are actually strong in many faces of real life know that user of the complicated machine at the gym gain no strength  beyond the initial phase .

Most of the gym equipment  typically target few muscles and regular  user will grow weaker overtime , with skills that do not transfer outside of the very machine that they trained on .

t may have some use in the hospital thou or rehabilitation   clinic , but thats about it . All you need to learn are the safety skills to move off the floor at your maximum while avoiding injury . Some gyms even have a swimming pool but no barbell . . All you needs are shoe to run outside when you can and a barbell with weights .

Most of the gain in physical strength t comes from working the tails of distribution and , closer to your  limits . I write this article with love .

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